The Contreiras Palace enhances original elements of incomparable richness

The Contreiras Palace project promotes the rehabilitation of the building, restoring it to its original residential use. The elegant façade is maintained and refurbished while the interior space is reorganised to maximise quality, comfort and functionality.

Over the years the palace has been enriched with decorative details, including paintings on walls and ceilings, which will be carefully preserved to ensure the unique and distinctive nature of the project. On the outside, all the characteristic elements of the façade, as well as the main doors and wrought iron guards, will also be maintained and refurbished, as they contribute to the nobility, uniqueness and singularity of the project.

Inside, the building will be subject to a functional and spatial reorganisation that preserves the existing ambiance, through the refurbishment of the living rooms’ highly decorated ceilings, the characteristic details of the main hall, and the decorative paintings. Other period features of the building of great architectural value will also be recreated, including the doors and window shutters in panelled wood, the boiseries and panellings, and the flooring in hardwood running board.

The Contreiras Palace preserves most of its original characteristics, namely four living rooms of incalculable decorative richness, with their elaborately crafted ceilings with ornate plasterwork cornices and central pieces, and ornamental paintings or figurative scenes. The preservation and refurbishment of these living rooms adds character and value to the residences to be integrated in the project, while safeguarding its historical heritage.