11 luxury residences in a palace that is reborn with style

The project has a total of five floors: four exclusively for housing, including 11 luxury residences, 1-bedroom to 4+1 duplex bedrooms with areas between 79 sqm and 254 sqm, and one floor that will comprise a commercial area independent from the rest of the building, a storage area and a garage with 13 parking spaces, with ramp access.

1st floor

The Contreiras Palace has its main entrance at Rua Cecílio de Sousa, on the first floor, which offers 4 units: two 1-bedroom residences with areas of 92 sqm and 95 sqm and two 2-bedroom residences with 111 sqm and 133 sqm. In these residences, the aim was to recover the original distinctive elements: the geometries of the living rooms, the imposing exterior doors, the fireplaces, the interior doors with glazed transoms and the window shutters. This permitted to develop an appealing internal organisation, where the kitchens are integrated as a scenic prolongation of the living rooms, from which they are separated by sliding doors, enhancing the sense of space in the social area. On this floor, two of the residences offer a pleasant terrace area (54 sqm and 73 sqm), providing an invitation to outdoor living that enriches the quality of the living space.

2nd floor

The second floor was divided into two 3+1 bedroom units with areas of 205 sqm and 252 sqm, where the existing layout and the living rooms with their characteristic decorative elements and fireplaces were largely preserved and refurbished. The organisation of the areas focused on a clear separation between the social and the private zones, and all bedrooms are en-suite.

3rd and 4th floors

The third floor was divided into five duplex units (1-bedroom, 2-bedrooms and 4+1 bedrooms) with areas between 79 sqm and 254 sqm. The living rooms were, whenever possible, strategically located in the corners of the palace to benefit from windows in different façades. This option, combined with the high open-ceiling area in the fourth floor, contribute to the scenic atmosphere of the spaces.

The fourth floor accommodates the most private area of the duplex units where all the rooms are en-suite, and some benefit from a small terrace in the extension of the garrets.


The Contreiras Palace also includes a large shop (132 sqm) that opens to Rua de São Marçal, where it adds to the vibrant shopping life of the Príncipe Real neighbourhood, whose fame has already surpassed national frontiers.

The building will also be fitted with two lifts and provide 13 parking spaces, both rare facilities in projects in this area of the Capital. The entrance to the Contreiras Palace’s parking lot is done through a discreet access so as not to clash with the project’s architectural features and to ensure the comfort and tranquillity of those who live there.